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Active Business Transformation Design

The Business Transformation Canvas is your start for visionary changes within your company and yourself.

Do you now your privacy protection leaks?

With the Privacy-Protection-Check you determine and close critical privacy leaks on your website and within your company in just 10 days.

Free IT-Security-Check

With the IT-Security-Check you determine and close critical IT-Security-Leaks within your company in a few minutes.

Is your marketing strategy worth the money?

With the Marketing-Strategy-Check you are able to measure the efficiency of your budgets and adjust them properly in just 7 days.

Business-IT-Alignment incomparably better!

The idea of our Business IT Alignment is the central integration of your IT systems into the active value chains of your company. It combines the information flows of different departments and locations in such a way that they serve the realization of your company objectives. That is why your vision and governance is the center of attention, so that the electronic data processing in your company is effective for the uniform optimization of all work processes.

Through the specialization in all important IT areas for companies of all kinds and industries we offer manufacturer independent IT consulting. We analyze all your company processes focussing on the humane benefits first and then technical once. As Business Transformation Designers (MA), DEKRA certified Privacy Protection Specialists and TÜV audited Information Security Officers we are well-versed in all humane, legal and technical difficulties of Business IT Alignment. We will always point you to any potentially critical data protection guidelines or IT security laws. If you wish to make a change we will determine, implement and support the best solution aligning with your company philosophy.

This holistic concept shapes our thinking and decisions so that your communication with your customers and partners is an integral part of our vision (incomparably better). This is why we have specialized in web technologies and search engine optimization. Unlike advertising or design agencies we develop your content from all the information that we gain through our cooperation. Thus the presentation of your company is adapting and incorporating your philosophy and your actual work practices. This creates a complete picture for potential customers which leaves no questions open and creates the path for a trustworthy relationship even before the initial contact.

Philantrochrisi (von griech.: philo “Freund”, antropos “Mensch” und chrisi “Nutzen”) is the principal of an effective symbiose of humane responsibility, profitable leadership and technical information management for flexible transformation processes.

Stephan Plesnik

Business Transformation Designer (MA), Ing.-Büro Dr. Plesnik GmbH

How does our Business-IT-Alignment help?

(Integration of already implemented Business-IT-Alignment)

ShopFloor Integration

  • We design self-sustaining production machines and workflows for flexible integration into Industry 4.0 infrastructures
  • We develop localisationsystems through the interconnection of established technologies for streamlined process management

OfficeFloor Integration

  • We innovate existing systems through standardisation of information flows for flexible benefit-orientated work processes
  • We optimize your print management for flexible accessablility with active cost reduction

EngineeringFloor Integration

  • We support system maintenance and assistance of expert software like CAD, CAM, CAE, etc. (Siemens-NX, TeamCenter, Catia)
  • We design and develop individual software to optimize your workflows (Web-Apps, Database, Graph-DB, etc.)

The idea of Business-IT-Alignments is the integration of information flows from Shop-, Office- and EngineeringFloor to stimulate innovation potentials. Transparent project definitions (requirements specification) as well as management and implementation of tasks in teams of internal and external partners are essential.

Dr. Walter Plesnik

Business Transformation Manager (MA), Ing.-Büro Dr. Plesnik GmbH

Whom does our Business-IT-Alignment help?

(Industries we are already cathering for)

Iron-, Aluminium production

Automotive Industry

Chemical production

Service Industry

Retail industry

Medical Labs

Tax consultants

Doctors, Pharmacies & Nursing services

Why does our Business-IT-Alignment help?

(Special expertise and projects we mastered)

Carve-Out projects

Installation of a new system infrastructure within a merge & acquisition scope of a large enterprise to outsource a production area. (300,000+ employees)

  • Coordination between multiple project partners
  • Building a new network structure
  • Building a data center within a VMWare infrastructure of 40+ virtual machines, mixed Windows, Linux
  • Outsourcing of an SAP client and integration into the new system infrastructure

Industry 4.0 research projects

Management of a research project for the intelligent and automatic tracking of machine and furnace processes on the “ShopFloor” of a melting plant. (250+ employees)

  • Coordination of multiple project partners
  • Development of project plans
  • Invoicing the project against the project owner
  • Technology transfer
  • Technology tests

Document management

Development of a document management system based on a search engine for a production company. (800+ employees)

  • Definition of the communication structure for several parts of the company
  • Conception and development of a search engine structure according to ISO standard for document management and archiving
  • Scope Definition of a structure XML for the entire company
  • Connection of the search engine to the ERP system
  • Structure of an archive structure (Documents and ERP)

CRM conversions

Planning, implementation and monitoring of a CRM system change for an engineering service provider. (300+ employees)

  • Process definition for the area of recruiting and sales
  • Conception and development of a search engine structure according to ISO standard for document management and archiving
  • Conception of a responsive user interface using AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Business IT-Alignment incomparably better qualified!

Business Transformation Designer

As a Masters of Business Transformation Management we support you in time to identify which changes (transformation processes) are necessary in your company.

Change starts with a visionary leader who inspires people to follow!

Privacy Protection Experts

As certified privacy protection specialists we analyze and optimize your work processes so that the IT structures of your company fulfill all the requirements of the EU Data Protection Code and the Federal Data Protection Act.

Privacy protection is more than a necessary compulsory subject. It protects people from their own frivolity.

Information-Security Officer

As TÜV-audited information security officers we plan and support the implementation of security guidelines and prepare IT security audits according to official standards ISO-27001, VDA, etc.

Information security is probably the most essential issue for any company.

Marketing, Webdesign & SEO

Unlike advertising and Internet agencies we determine the growth objectives of your company. We bring together online and offline communication channels in a marketing strategy.

Online marketing analyzes are the most efficient way to learn everything about your potential new customers.

Dr. Plesnik advises my company, inform GmbH, since its foundation in 1995 in all matters of strategic IT consulting. As an external IT consultant he often manages IT projects and always ensures the correct compliance with the guidelines of our customers and particularly the automotive industry.

The concepts of his IT consulting comply to the highest level of sustainability and its expertise for integral IT projects is highly recommeded. I would particularly like to mention the flexibility with which he adapts to our constantly changing needs which he supports with new ideas.

Can Konsul

CEO, inform GmbH

IT-Service & Maintenance

We keep an eye on your IT so you can care about your work

Principals for fullservice IT-Support & Maintenance

IT-Service & Management

Complex IT structures consist of many individual components which only simplify your work processes if they work in perfect harmony. Our expert team is specialized in planning, installation and administration of local, hybrid and cloud computing structures. Since 2004 we have been servicing virtual server infrastructures of more than 200 machines with smooth remote maintenance

Fullservice IT Maintenance

IT has to serve people! Constant verification of processes on servers, network lines and workstations is indispensable for problem-free workflows. This is why our IT maintenance is optimized for constant accessibility and minimal response times. With our maintenance contracts, we determine your individual requirements and thus generate the perfect cost-benefit for your company.

Mobile & Cloud-Computing

Smartphones, tablets and laptops belong to the basic equipment of many employees in your company, right? Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine which data is stored on which devices. The results are scattered and opaque information structures. With intelligent system management, data synchronization and backup technology cloud computing turns into a simple pleasure.

The beginning

Just over 30 years ago Walter Plesnik, a graduate engineer in electrical engineering, finished his studies at RWTH Aachen. Already father of two he knew that computer technology although still a little widespread would experience a boom and would soon find its way not only into every company, but also every private household..

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I did not had to reinvent the weel. Just discover existing hidden potentials and streamline its use to establish Business IT Alignment.

Dr. Walter Plesnik

CEO, Ingenieurbüro Dr. Plesnik GmbH