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Just don’t use e-mail! Then you’ll have less to search through.

Nevermail eliminates e-mail, Outlook and Exchange. Automatic sorting, distribution, archiving and sending of all communications in a central system.

How does Nevermail assist you?

Time expenditure for e-mail processing is reduced by 90%.

Customer e-mails become tasks automatically

No e-mail / task is overlooked by intelligent notifications

Smartest SPAM filter ever to protect against misuse

Employees no longer need e-mail programs

E-mail recipient notices no change

No substitution rules for holidays necessary

Write and send e-mails such as comments to employees

Uniform and innovative branding of signatures


Nevermail has reduced the effort of email processing incredibly. As an account manager, I plan the tasks for my team mates and only need about 5 minutes a day now. The rest is done automatically and above all faster, better and error-free.

Jessica Knippenberg

BackOffice & Key Account Manager

Nevermail has improved the documentation tremendously. I don’t read e-mails anymore, but I still don’t miss any information and can work much more concentrated.

Jan-Frederik Pütz

IT specialist for systems integration

Nevermail has reduced the search in e-mails by at least 90% reduced. It’s not important to know where to look for an information. We simply find what we need without having to deal with the search, the medium or the location.

Marcel Schmitz

IT specialist for systems integration

Nevermail complies with all data protection standards and also automatically assumes the archiving obligation. The simplest solution for a management team, both productively and legally.

Sabine Thomas

CEO & Privacy Protection Specialist

The video demeonstrations are only available in german language at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How does Nevermail work?

1. You client send an e-mail

Connect Nevermail to your IMAP/POP3 mail server and don’t worry about your inbox anymore. Your customer does not have to change his or her usual e-mail communication.


2. Nevermail scans the e-mail

Nevermail has differentiated rules for SPAM filtering, sorting and checking incoming e-mails. You can configure them according to your needs.


3. Nevermail creates tasks

As soon as the verification of the e-mail has been completed according to your specifications, Nevermail creates a task and defines the responsible person, contributors, project group, deadlines, etc…


4. Responsible person has to act

Nevermail requires acceptance of the task by the person responsible. If this does not happen after a certain period of time, the task is transferred to the back office employee.

5. You respond to your client

Open a comment field, select an addressee. Nevermail automatically inserts salutation and subject line.


6. Write comment

Write your comment. Use all formatting functions. Add links, images, files and mark colleagues for information.

7. Send message

Submit your comment. Nevermail now automatically inserts your personal signature and sends the e-mail to the addressees. The communication report records the dispatch.


8. Your client responds

Your customer receives your e-mail and answers as usual. With the acknowledgement of receipt you can check whether the e-mail was read by the addressee.

The incomparably better Nevermail features


Integration with any mail server (IMAP and POP3)


Definition of reaction time. Task is then passed to the BackOffice


Manage email archive in your Bitrix Drive centrally (EML copy of each email)


Definition of Back-Office users for the four-eye principle


Compose email from any comment in Bitrix


Freely configurable SPAM filter rules


Freely configurable filter tags for automatic task assignment


Addressing Multiple Receivers with To, Cc and Bcc


Personalized sender for each user


Automatic project group sorting of tasks according to your rules


Address contacts, companies or leads from CRM with a simple marker


Responsible persons, representatives, contributors and observers per project group can be set for automatic tasks


Manually add emails to existing tasks by simply forwarding them to other users


Reply to e-mails with a simple click


Automatic personalized salutation and subject line


Address your e-mail free of charge on request


Maintaining contacts directly in the selection window


Detailed communication reports directly within the comments

How much you save using Nevermail?

On average, e-mail users in medium-sized and large companies spend 25% of their working time on the pure organization of e-mail information. This corresponds to two (2) hours that are not available for productive purposes of your company. To illustrate how effectively Nevermail can reduce your company’s running costs, we expect one (1) hour of working time per day for one (1) employee. We assume a minimum wage of 8,50€ per hour. (although we and you know that an employee usually costs more)

Who? Job Effort Wage p. month
Employee E-mail organisation 1:00 Std. 8,50€ 187,00€
Nevermail E-mail organisation 16,00€

Savings: 171,00€

per employee, per month

Experience Nevermail yourself!

No problem! We show you all functions in detail via webinar or trial installation. Experience live how your e-mails are distributed to tasks and automatically to the right employees. Create new contacts in your CRM data with one click and automatically update your addresses with every email.

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Professional productivity solutions for Bitrix24

Our professional productivity solutions for Bitrix facilitate the daily work routine by intelligent automatisms and targeted information to the employees. The aim is to improve the daily work through technological remedies.

A prerequisite for using these solutions is the operation of a Bitrix24 self-hosted variant.

Company Calendar Sync

Maintain calendars & absence lists automatically

Save your back office time and money with the “Company Caldenar Sync” module for Bitrix. Maintain your own calendar and transfer the information automatically to the company calendar. Set absence and availability statuses without pressing a single button.

Automatic Task Reminders

Timely reminders for temporary tasks

With the “Automatic Task Reminder” module for Bitrix, no task is overlooked or forgotten. Simply choose the one that you want to inform your employees long before the deadline and a reminder will be created for each task. Intelligent rules enable you to manage reminders for departments and even individual employees.

Business IT-Alignment incomparably better qualified!

Business Transformation Designer

As a Masters of Business Transformation Management we support you in time to identify which changes (transformation processes) are necessary in your company.

Change starts with a visionary leader who inspires people to follow!

Privacy Protection Experts

As certified privacy protection specialists we analyze and optimize your work processes so that the IT structures of your company fulfill all the requirements of the EU Data Protection Code and the Federal Data Protection Act.

Privacy protection is more than a necessary compulsory subject. It protects people from their own frivolity.

Information-Security Officer

As TÜV-audited information security officers we plan and support the implementation of security guidelines and prepare IT security audits according to official standards ISO-27001, VDA, etc.

Information security is probably the most essential issue for any company.

Marketing, Webdesign & SEO

Unlike advertising and Internet agencies we determine the growth objectives of your company. We bring together online and offline communication channels in a marketing strategy.

Online marketing analyzes are the most efficient way to learn everything about your potential new customers.