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Active Business Transformation Design

With the Business Transformation Canvas you map out the strategic plan for visionary change in your company.

What is Business Transformation Design?

Think of your company as a car. A complex machine in which various fields of knowledge (mechanics, electronics, aerodynamics, etc.) are combined. In doing so all the gears have to mesh seamlessly with each other so that the car accelerates fulfills its purpose.

Same as your company. You have to rely on many gears such as employees, work processes, your products or your ideas. However other essential gears are not under your immediate control. For example, your suppliers, your partners, your markets or even your customers.

Business Transformation Design is the systematic transformation of a company away from external dependencies towards self-determined growth.

How to do this? – With your own imagination; a vision.

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The flow of Business Transformation Design!

1. Motivation for Transformation

The motivation for a Business Transformation may vary a lot. Modifiable changes to improve the working environment, external influences that require adjustments to the work processes or the company’s own needs independent of individual factors.

2. Vision of Transformation

The vision for a Business Transformation is essential for the success of the change processes. It serves not only as a goal, but also as a guiding principle. Thus ideas and ongoing change processes can be regularly tested against the vision and the transformation can be carried out.

3. Planning Transformation

Planning a Business Transformation depends on many factors. The transparent presentation of the goals for employees, partners and customers as well as the consistent fulfillment of responsibilities within the companies management. Only the one who plans is looking ahead and independently controls the transformation.

4. Implementation of Transformation

The implementation of a Business Transformation is and has to be completely individual for every company. Essential is the calculation of currently unknown changes. In the definition of your vision, the planning of the execution and the implementation of this plan, our Business Transformation Designers will be happy to assist and guide you.

Active Business Transformation Design

Activate Transformation-Design in just six (6) weeks in your own company

Change takes time! That’s not true. Change is a mind set that can be quickly and effectively activated with visual and tactile tools. In the “Active Business Transformation Design” workshop series you will learn the six most essential tools for sustainable change, in just six weeksThe indispensable topics of Change Management and integrated communication are an integral part of every week and conveyed through practical communication exercises instead of theoretical lectures. Each work unit takes half a day (4 hours) and combines the learned with new skills.

The “Active Business Transformation Design” workshop series is ideal for the top-level and middle management of large corporations and enterprises as well as for all employees of small and medium-sized companies. However it is essential that each participant attends at their own free choice to change and is not obliged to participate by another person.

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We are no “hot air consultants” but Transformation-Designers who actively create. We guarantee a simplified, transparent and measurable improvement of the communication throughout in the course of the workshop series. The results of the workshops will serve as proof.

1. Week
(to) Design-Thinking

Design-Thinking is a process that forms the basis for all kinds of changes. Through the principle of how fear and courage control our thinking the Experienceloop is explained and applied to the individual situation in your company.

The workshop for free thinking combines theoretical and practical tools into an inspiring thought exchange which results in the creation of a complex problem solution for the selected teampartner.

2. Week
Vision Modeling

Vision Modeling is a description for creating a solid, forward-looking, balanced and higher goal for your company. The Equilibrium-Principle of abilities, ideas and values is illustrated by a goal and unites all the essential factors of a vision in a practical tool.

The workshop for the design of an inspiring vision will transfer the Equilibrium-Principle to all participants. In the end it forms the “gate to your own (company) vision”.

3. Week
Transformation Governance

Transformation Governance is the core value of change processes in your company. The complex topic is illustrated by the compass of change and provides the basis for a healthy change culture.

The workshop uses the results of the vision modeling and derives the direction of change for your company. The abilities and ideas of the participants become the guide of the vision. You will build the compass yourself.

4. Week
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the result of an integrated communication between management and the IT department. The skills and ideas of the IT department become active parts of the value-added process and thus create greater innovation potentials with higher returns with increasing satisfaction of all employees.

In the workshop the participants are faced with a task which can only be solved by means of a complete change of perspective. In doing so, all previous workshop principles are integrated and the active improvement of the communication can be experienced.

5. Week
Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation uses the Experienceloop and visualizes your business model in the simplest way. The Equilibrium-Principle is applied to your company and prepared flexibly for future changes through innovation patterns.

In the workshop the participants will be able to specifically innovate the current business model in individual groups and thus present new potential for change. This visualization represents the different perception of the participants and at the same time increases the identification with your company.

6. Week
Business Ecosystem Re-Creation

Business Ecosystem Re-Creation is the endeavor to design your own business according to the Equilibrium-Principle. The value chain is transformed into a value-added cycle and a harmonious balance between economic, social and ecological processes is created.

In the workshop the participants learn which factors generate the perfect natural balance and apply this to the existing business model. This creates a change plan for the value-added cycle and the clear perspective of company transformation.

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(to) design Thinking: The mother of business transformation

A change or transformation always starts with a creative thought. Designers are trained to use the creative potential of their think centers regularly and above all individually. But how many designers lead companies?

This is due to the fact that the management of a company is usually characterized by figures instead of values, especially in large enterprises. How do you evaluate?

Design Thinking teaches managers how to think like designers. It is the attempt to exchange the distorted, number-driven standards for entrepreneurial success for individual values. This enables a different perception and consideration of situations and decisions. Designers are accustomed to present a variety of designs in response to a wide variety of questions. An extremely valuable and important step in finding an individual and sustainable result.

The corporate identity of a company is usually difficult to change; or is it?

Managers, on the other hand, are trained to compare current company figures with past ones, and usually only to increase returns. In this case, individual multiple trail-and-error tests are conceivably unfavorable.

The capital of a company has never been and is never the money earned. It is the performance provided by employees for customers.

If you think differently, give your company’s employees the next week off, let the money run your company, take responsibility, fulfill tasks and cather for your customers. Maybe you think differently afterwards? Maybe you are even thinking about it. And maybe you become a Design Thinker yourself.

The topics of Business Tansformation Design!

1. Design-Thinking

The process of design thinking consists of observing, understanding (recognizing the problem), evaluating, ideating, executing, and learning.

2. Strategie & Roadmap

Starting with the Business Transformation Canvas the creative insights of design thinking are now being implemented in vision modeling, roadmapping, value management and business model innovation.

3. Führung- & Erfolgsfaktoren

The planned transformation is now provided with assessment criteria in order to evaluate the successes and to re-direct them during the processes. The focus is on self-assessment and transformation governance.


4. Gestaltung & Disruption

Now it’s about time to design the processes. Value-added architectures (Business Model / Value Proposition Canvas), Interfaces, Business IT Alignment and Change Management play a central role.


5. Kommunikation & Qualifikation

Probably the most essential section of transformation is the perception and adaptation of corporate communication, Skill Management, and Performance Management.

Business IT-Alignment incomparably better qualified!

Business Transformation Designer

As a Masters of Business Transformation Management we support you in time to identify which changes (transformation processes) are necessary in your company.

Change starts with a visionary leader who inspires people to follow!

Privacy Protection Experts

As certified privacy protection specialists we analyze and optimize your work processes so that the IT structures of your company fulfill all the requirements of the EU Data Protection Code and the Federal Data Protection Act.

Privacy protection is more than a necessary compulsory subject. It protects people from their own frivolity.

Information-Security Officer

As TÜV-audited information security officers we plan and support the implementation of security guidelines and prepare IT security audits according to official standards ISO-27001, VDA, etc.

Information security is probably the most essential issue for any company.

Marketing, Webdesign & SEO

Unlike advertising and Internet agencies we determine the growth objectives of your company. We bring together online and offline communication channels in a marketing strategy.

Online marketing analyzes are the most efficient way to learn everything about your potential new customers.