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Encrypted Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive

With TeamDrive, your data is encrypted in your own 5GB Cloud storage and synchronized to all devices of your choice. Limitless availability and security guaranteed!

Advantages of the Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4

Apps for every use

You can use TeamDrive 4 free of charge on any of your devices. Whether on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or directly in your web browser, the Dropbox alternative TeamDrive 4 has no boundaries.

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Webbrowser access

Modify and share your data from anywhere with the convenient web interface. The state-of-the-art encryption methods protect you from strangers.

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Up to 25GB rewards

Invite friends, family, and colleagues to TeamDrive and receive 250MB for each new user. This way you can expand your storage space up to powerful 25GB; It’s that easy!

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Special club discounts

Registered clubs benefit from up to 50% discount on the annual licenses fees. Non-profit organizations even get TeamDrive PRO completely free.

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Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4 for more privacy

Unlike TeamDrive Systems GmbH, we never use the Amazon Cloud as your data storage.

The Dropbox gets competition from Germany. With TeamDrive 4 you finally get the chance to encrypt, share and edit your data safely within your team. Work from anywhere and keep an eye on the current processing situation at all times. You can always customize the user rights exactly as the situation requires. Keep your data under control. The Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4 also offers an unlimited modification process for all files and is therefore used as an encrypted data backup. Use the freedom to synchronize your data only when you need it. With this Dropbox alternative you decide yourself which data you need locally and which not.

The encryption (AES 256Bit) of your data takes place on your local computer, tablet or smartphone. Once the data is encrypted it will be transferred to your data storage via a secure connection (SSL) in our Frankfurt based CloudOur TeamDrive servers are operated in an autonomous cloud housing of the company Interwerk your data will never be processed on other external servers..

IT Security Award
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(Telephone and e-mail support are reserved for our Pro and Business customers. Please address all technical questions directly to the official manufacturer TeamDrive Systems GmbH at support@teamdrive.net)

Business IT-Alignment incomparably better qualified!

Business Transformation Designer

As a Masters of Business Transformation Management we support you in time to identify which changes (transformation processes) are necessary in your company.

Change starts with a visionary leader who inspires people to follow!

Privacy Protection Experts

As certified privacy protection specialists we analyze and optimize your work processes so that the IT structures of your company fulfill all the requirements of the EU Data Protection Code and the Federal Data Protection Act.

Privacy protection is more than a necessary compulsory subject. It protects people from their own frivolity.

Information-Security Officer

As TÜV-audited information security officers we plan and support the implementation of security guidelines and prepare IT security audits according to official standards ISO-27001, VDA, etc.

Information security is probably the most essential issue for any company.

Marketing, Webdesign & SEO

Unlike advertising and Internet agencies we determine the growth objectives of your company. We bring together online and offline communication channels in a marketing strategy.

Online marketing analyzes are the most efficient way to learn everything about your potential new customers.

In search of a safe and reliable alternative to Dropbox we have encountered Teamdrive. After several months of testing with FREE accounts, we have now decided to use a PRO license to store our community data (sound recordings, song texts, protocols, etc.) in the cloud and to synchronize between several computers. The program is quickly installed and set up thanks to the competent support of the Plesnik Team.

Rainer Schwentke

Freie evangelische Gemeinde Hamburg-Sasel

With TeamDrive, AVES-Ostkantone VoG is finally able to work safely and in a team. The installation was uncomplicated and the synchronization is incredibly fast despite encryption. My questions are answered by the Plesnik Team always promptly and in his commitment to optimize the software, he always accepts suggestions for improvements.

This way cloud computing becomes fun!

Tamara Träbert

Club president, AVES-Ostkantone VoG

Special features of the Dropbox alternative TeamDrive 4

Dropbox Alternative mit Verschlüsselung | Sicherheit | Bild


The Dropbox alternative TeamDrive 4 is awarded the ULD privacy seal. The security and confidentiality of your data is of paramount importance. They are encrypted locally on your PC before each transmission (AES-256).


  • Encryption 100% 100%
Dropbox Alternative mit Verschlüsselung | Backup | Bild


The Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4 automatically creates an encrypted security copy of all your data on our server. Losses or computer defects thus present no danger.


  • Data reconstruction 100% 100%
Dropbox Alternative mit Verschlüsselung | Zusammenarbeit | Bild


TeamDrive 4 makes it easy for teams to work together on documents (online and offline). The version management automatically records all changes.


  • Team ability 100% 100%
Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4 | Synchronisation | Bild


With the Dropbox alternative TeamDrive 4 you can easily keep your data between your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets up to date. Share easily with friends or work colleagues.


  • Data timeliness 100% 100%

Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4 in comparison

Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive
  • No applicable privacy policy
  • No privacy seal
  • Server location unknown. Different server farms worldwide
  • Secure data connection via SSL
  • No transparent data encryption (data may be used for analysis purposes)
TeamDrive 4
  • Fulfills the privacy policy of the BDSG and EU DSGVO
  • ULD Privacy Seal
  • Server location in Germany (Frankfurt am Main) in its own cloud-housing
  • Secure data connection via SSL
  • Complete end-to-end encryption of the data (no one can ever see your data)

Questions about the Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive?

Please direct your presales questions to: 0241/149460

For technical Support please use: support@teamdrive.net

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5GB Cloud storage for free!


Dropbox mit Verschlüsselung | Logo der TeamDrive Systems GmbH

Since 01.01. 2013 we are the official reseller of TeamDrive Systems GmbH for all TeamDrive products.

TeamDrive 4.5.2 (Windows 7+)
TeamDrive 4.5.2 Agent (Windows 2012 R2 Server+)
TeamDrive 4.5.2 Portable (Windows 7+)
TeamDrive Personal Server (Windows 7+)
TeamDrive 4.5.2 (Mac OS X 10.9 and higher)
TeamDrive Personal Server (Mac OS X 10.9 and higher)
TeamDrive 4.5.2 Agent (Headless Agent amd64 .tar.gz)
TeamDrive 4.5.2 Agent (Headless Agent amd64 .rpm)
TeamDrive 4.5.2 (Qml App amd64 .run)
TeamDrive 4.5.2 (Qml App amd64 .run)
TeamDrive Personal Server (Linux Intel-CPU 64 Bit)
TeamDrive Personal Server (Linux Intel-CPU 32 Bit)
TeamDrive Personal Server (Linux ARM 32 Bit)
TeamDrive Personal Server (Linux SPARC 32 Bit)
TeamDrive 4 Enterprise (iPhone & iPad)
TeamDrive 4 Android

Dropbox alternative with secure web access

TeamDrive offers all the advantages of a perfect Dropbox alternative. The web Interface gives you access to your data with any standard web browser. You use an SSL connection to encrypt the data transmissions.

Complete encryption of your data is impossible with the end-to-end methods when accessing the Web. The necessary key exchange can not be done directly for technical reasons. Your data is transmitted to the web Interface server through the encrypted SSL tunnel. There the encryption information is queried by the registration server the data is encrypted and stored on the host server in your data store. The data is only processed in the main memory of the web server and is never stored in a non-encrypted form.

Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4 - Funktionsweise der Apps
Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4 - Funktionsweise des Webinterfaces

Plans for the Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4

The mentioned prices are exclusive of VAT. 19%. (net). The minimum term for all models is 12 months with an annual advance payment. Upgrades are possible at any time during the contract period.

Dropbox Alternative with club discounts

With TeamDrive PRO clubs get special advantages of attractive conditions. Registered clubs can save up to 50% on the annual price of the licenses depending on the number of TeamDrive PRO accounts. Non-profit organizations with volunteer employees receive TeamDrive PRO completely free of charge. With our special offers non-profit associations receive special telephone & e-mail support. This is how our professional IT consultants help you set up and smoothly run TeamDrive in your organization.

26 - 50 Users

  • All TeamDrive PRO services included

51 - 100 Users

  • All TeamDrive PRO services included

Offers for non-profit clubs

Convinced of the Dropbox Alternative TeamDrive 4?

Then replace your Dropbox with TeamDrive 4 and a PRO Upgrade!

Questions and answers

Our TeamDrive FAQ Blog answers the most frequently asked questions of our clients. We try to keep the topics as up-to-date as possible and look forward to each of your questions. [Visit the FAQ’s]


TeamDrive Windows / Mac OSX
TeamDrive Android

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